Vijai Fabricators is an engaged in steel fabrication in the field of Steel Plants, Power Plants, Refineries and  Hydro Power Sector. We are manned by quality conscious personnel having experience in executing  time bound projects in the respective fields maintaining highest quality standards as per international practice. We have engaged ourselves in heavy Steel Fabrication in projects of international repute. We have the infrastructure to handle any kind of steel fabrication as per your line of requirements. We are equipped to take on complex processes to provide world class solution in fabrication of high-tech equipments and structures for Process plant, Thermal Power Plant, Steel Plants, Hydro Power Sector, Refineries and Heavy Engineering Industries. The organization possesses the expertise and production facilities to produce a wide range of products like Gas Mixer and Gas Holder for Steel Plants, Pressure Vessels, De-aerator, Stack and Chimneys for steel plants and refineries, Heavy Build up fabricated and rolled structures for power plants and steel plants, Gantries for Hydro Power Sector, Hoppers, Chutes and Silos for process industries to name a few. We look forward to have a close association with all and will strive to achieve the best international standards of manufacturing quality through our continual trained personnel and improved man machined combination.